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Next Stage EOR for UKCS Forum on 7 November 2018

Next Stage EOR for UKCS Forum:

Sharing successes and learnings.

The OGA will hold a next stage EOR meeting as a follow up to the OGA strategy and delivery program in Aberdeen on 7th of Nov 2018.

The OGA are working to Maximise Economic Recovery in the UK (MER UK).  The OGA has developed an EOR strategy focused around technologies such as Polymer EOR, Low Salinity EOR and Miscible Gas Flood (for both hydrocarbon gas and CO2).  The strategy identified the principal barriers to implement EOR projects in the UKCS.

The OGA published also a delivery program and identified eight delivery areas for EOR projects in the UKCS.

Whilst the OGA are prioritising the implementation of three focused EOR technologies in the UKCS, it will work with industry and EOR research groups to advance any other EOR technology in the UKCS and develop a framework for its economic implementation.

The OGA also seeks to accelerate the EOR activities and identify the risk that EOR opportunities in the UKCS are not designed and implemented early enough in field life cycle.

In align with the work has been done so far, the objective of this meeting is to bring together experienced engineers, EOR R&D professionals and managers who have worked on EOR to further promote EOR projects in the UKCS and influence their implementation. The OGA aims to update its strategy and delivery program as required.

The intention first is for the participants to take part in an open discussion about what else could be done by the OGA to accelerate EOR activities in the UKCS and overcome the challenges of implementing the EOR technologies in the UK’s Oil Fields. Then the participants will be asked to explore if any other EOR tranche could be used to maximise the potential of EOR in the UKCS.

This event offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge and discuss new ideas and innovative solutions to increase the uptake of Maximise Economic Recovery in the UK over the next decade.

The main objective is to be collaborative, lesson sharing, idea-generating event that captures success criteria and stimulates new ideas and ways of working together to Maximise Economic Recovery in the UK.

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