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Next Stage EOR for UKCS Forum: Sharing successes and learnings

The OGA are working to Maximise Economic Recovery in the UK (MER UK). The OGA has developed an EOR strategy focused around technologies such as Polymer EOR, Low Salinity EOR and Miscible Gas Flood (for both hydrocarbon gas and CO2). The aim of this strategy is to help deliver EOR projects in the UKCS and this strategy supports both the MER UK Strategy and the OGA Corporate Plan. The OGA established the following priorities:

  • The OGA will facilitate economic development of 250 mmboe incremental reserves primarily through Polymer EOR over the next decade by working with operators and supply chain to support existing projects, to ensure readiness for future projects, and to drive risk reduction via technical and economic improvement.  It is noted that to date progress in this area has been slower than anticipated
  • The OGA will support existing projects to improve recovery factors in viscous oil reservoirs such as Captain using Polymer EOR. Several new field developments in the UKCS are being made polymer ready. In line with our strategy the OGA published Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery-Industry lessons learned to assist operators in the UK to evaluate Polymer EOR opportunities in their field and accelerate their capabilities to address key issues and mitigations.  
  • The OGA will support the first proven offshore operation of low salinity EOR by 2021 and progress further opportunities by encouraging operators to evaluate all new projects and existing projects for low salinity EOR. The OGA actively engage and support EOR Join Industry Projects (JIPs) and communicate their results across the UK.

The OGA published also a delivery program and identified eight delivery areas for EOR projects in the UKCS. These areas are:

  • Existing EOR projects
  • MER for future EOR projects
  • Workgroups and industry partnerships
  • Technology development and deployment
  • Creating value – improving economics
  • Advance next EOR and support CO2 storage
  • Knowledge management
  • Communication and stakeholder plans

Whilst the OGA are prioritising the implementation of three focused EOR technologies in the UKCS, it will work with industry and EOR research groups to advance any other EOR technology in the UKCS and develop a framework for its economic implementation.

The OGA also seeks to accelerate the EOR activities and identify the risk that EOR opportunities in the UKCS are not designed and implemented early enough in field life cycle.

The Forum, which was held in late 2018 and organised for industry/academia and the supply chain to workshop on what we can do next, follows on from the OGA Strategy/Delivery Programme and is aligned with MER UK.  At the Forum the OGA:-

  • Presented current EOR UKCS performance
  • Highlighted the OGA's current strategy, guidelines, workgroups and lesson and learns
  • Detailed joint industry projects, their results & outputs
  • Discussed and explored the ways to improve the cost of EOR implementation within UK
  • Explored the next EOR tranche for the current mature UKCS fields and future
  • Shared experience and knowledge

The outcome of the Forum was that:-

  • The OGA will revisit size of prize and create focus for industry
  • There should be more scrutiny on concept select for projects
  • There should be the formation of a “expert” group to lead an actionable project to stimulate EOR
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