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Over 100 delegates registered for the OGA's NorEx 2019 conference

Over 100 delegates have registered for the OGA's NorEx 2019 conference in Norwich on 16 May 2019.

It's the first Southern North Sea exploration focused event in over a decade and will host mix of small and large operators/licensees, industry bodies, the supply chain, research and academic communities taking part.

The comprehensive agenda includes a wide range of presenters from industry bodies, academic, industry, research, and supply chain communities. 

Topics and themes will cover technical geoscience, yet-to-find resources, the energy transition, technology and innovation, and OGA initiatives including data releases and the National Data Repository. 

A workshop opportunity is available where teams can come together to discuss and address Innovation (Generating New Prospectivity), Pace (Maturing New and Existing Opportunities in a Suitable Time Frame), Collaboration (Improving Commerciality of Opportunities), and Project Execution (Exploration, Infrastructure, and the Energy Transition).

And to cap off the day, there will be an 'Opportunity Showcase' – where a series of short ‘elevator’ pitch presentations will be given by industry.

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