UKCS Production Efficiency 2020

The 2020 UKCS Production Efficiency (PE) was maintained at 80%, an eleven year high and reaching the NSTA Key Performance Indicator (KPI) PE target for a second consecutive year.

pe chart 20

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In 2020, PE was largely influenced by major producers with substantial production potential retaining high production efficiencies. In addition, the delayed Forties Pipeline System maintenance which led to a significant increase in deferred shutdown days contributed a boost to achieving the PE KPI target.

Production Losses reduced by 4% to 141 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe), with the largest decrease in the Export loss category. Given the challenges of the pandemic and the consequent disruption to operations, sustaining production efficiency is a remarkable achievement.

Production and production potential both fell in 2020, with Actual Well Production (AWP) at 612 mmboe, a 4% drop from the previous year and Economic Maximum Production Potential (EMPP) falling by 5% to 763 mmboe.

Continuing the trend from the previous years, total production losses reduced marginally by 5.4 mmboe, a 3.69% decrease from the previous year and a 32% decrease in the past 3 years. Largest changes were seen in reduced Export losses and increased Well losses.

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The UKCS Production Efficiency 2020 report can also be accessed here.  A pdf version of the report can be viewed here.