The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) is committed to being open and transparent, and aims to ensure that its data is as accessible as possible.

We publish information in a variety of ways and in a range of formats. This website contains comprehensive listings of NSTA publications. 

The NSTA continues to look for ways to develop our range of published data and indicators to help provide greater transparency.

The NSTA works closely with government, industry and others to maximise the value derived from the data we collect and store and improve the transparency of our information.  This includes:

  • Making accessible as much non-personal and non-commercial data as possible.
  • Ensuring transparency is recognised as a key operating principle across the organisation and information is routinely published.
  • Committing to make all appropriate datasets available from all new policy and delivery initiatives where able.
  • For information on access to geological, geophysical and field data please visit the Data Centre area of the NSTA website.

User Agreement

The NSTA regularly makes data available in accordance with the terms of the NSTA’s User Agreement.

Should you wish to use the information other than in accordance with the User Agreement, please contact the NSTA at: