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Log of announced changes


Further data warehouse enhancements to the NSTA's data has resulted in the following attribute has been added to the wells service:

The licence number at total depth (TD).

Attribute Alias
TDLICNO Licence No. at Total Depth (TD)

The alias for licence number has also been changed.

Previous New
Licence No. Licence No. at Well Origin


As part of the gradual enhancements to the NSTA data warehouse system the following attribute has been added to the wells service:

The organisation group name for the operator responsible for the wellbore.

Attribute Alias
RESOPGRP Responsible Operator Group Name



On the 21st of March 2022, the Oil and Gas Authority changed its name to the North Sea Transition Authority. As a result, the GIS web services were altered to reflect the name change.

The previous ogauthority services to our data are to be turned off on the 15th April 2022.

Anyone who used the ogauthority API’s can use this look up table to find the updated services.


On the 13th of December we released new schemas and services for infrastructure data.

Infrastructure Data

The previous infrastructure data included surface, subsea, pipelines and freespan locations.

It has now been expanded upon and restructured to include the below categories:

  • Pipeline Points
  • Pipeline Linear
  • Pipeline Freespans
  • Subsea Points
  • Subsea Linear
  • Surface Points


On 30th June, we added two new attributes to the licences service.

Attribute Alias
CUR_PHASE Current Phase
CUR_TERM Current Term


On 24th June, we added new attributes to the wells service.

Attribute Alias
TDOPERATOR Subarea Operator at TD
TDSAOPNUM Subarea Operator at TD Number
TDOPPREV Subarea Operator at TD
TDOPPREV Subarea Operator at TD Previous Names
TDOPGRP Subarea Operator at TD Group Name
ENTITYTYPE ENTITYTYPE Data Reporting Entity Type
REPENTREAS Reason for Reporting Entity
DATAREPENT Well Data Reporting Entity
DATAENTNUM Data Reporting Entity Number
DATAENPREV Data Reporting Entity Previous Names
DATAENGRP Data Reporting Entity Group Name
COMPOPNUM Competent Operator Number
RESPOPNUM Responsible Operator Number


On 26th May, we have added two attributes to the PPRS service.

Attribute Alias
GASINJCV Gas Injected - CV (MJ/sm3)
GASINJVOL Gas Injected - Volume (Ksm3)


And two attributes were removed from the PPRS service. This is because the values were originally reported as volume (m3) rather than mass (kg) and inferring that volume equals mass may not always be accurate.

Attribute Alias
INJWATMASS Injected Water - Mass (Kg)
WATPRODMAS Produced Water - Mass (Kg)

On the 3rd May, we made a schema change and supplemented the Licences service. For more information, please see here to see full details of the new schema.


On the 25th March, we have added two new attributes to the Wells services.

Attribute Alias
SUBOPNO Subarea Operator Number
SUBOPGRP Subarea Operator Group Name


On the 9th January, we changed the Onshore Wells service, and have now updated its schema, and have included Well Bottom hole locations and Top-Bottom straight-line connection. All data is now being sourced from WONS. For more information, please see here.

We have introduced new attributes into the Offshore Wells services.

Attribute Alias
MAPSYMDESC Map Symbol Description
MULTILAT Is this Wellbore Multilateral?
LANDRIG Land Rig Name
NORIGREAS Explanation for No Rig
FIXMOBILE Drilling Unit Type
PANOTICEDT Plugged and Abandoned Notice Date


On the 29th January, we made changes to the Licence and Licence Block History datasets.

  • We have now included the registered company numbers with the licencee, administrator or operator values.
  • In the “Licence Block History_[CRS]” dataset, we have included historical changes in company names. Three new attributes have been created:
  • ADMHISNAME - historical admin organisation name
  • LICHISNAME - historical licensee organisation names
  • OPHISNAMES - historical operator organisation names


On the 1st October, the “FIELDDATA” attribute from our “Offshore_Fields_[CRS]” datasets were removed. This was recognised as a redundant legacy attribute.


On 8th August, two new fields were added to the “Licences_[CRS]” datasets to help identify Licence documents. These are

URL – This is a web link to the Licence document

PDFDATEADD – This is the date the link was added to the dataset.


On 5th June, we changed a field name in 4 of our web mapping services with the “Licensed and Unlicensed Blocks_[CRS]” layer. For details on schema changes, please see here.


On 17th May we added some attributes to the spatial hydrocarbon fields datasets. This was the first in a series of intended improvements for attribution of field header data.

Some fields will, from now on, be up to date regarding partners and equities, others will continue to not be updated regularly until we can roll out further improvements. For details on schema changes and which fields will be updated, please see here.


We have changed our address for NSTA services, please replace itportal.nstauthority with data.nstauthority, so for example for REST services:



The old address was switched off on 30th April.


On 3rd January, we added an attribute to the version of the sub areas service and file downloads called OPFLAG which contains a 'Y' if the equity holder for a given record is the operator for that sub areas.


On 6th August, we will rationalise some services. No data will be removed, but certain information will appear in different services. Refer to the table below for details

Folder Service to be rationalised New service
NSTA_Public_ED50 NSTA_Rd29_Blocks Offered_ED50 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ED50
NSTA_Public_ED50 NSTA_Rd30_BlocksOffered_ED50 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ED50
NSTA_Public_ED50 NSTA_Rd31_BlocksOffered_ED50 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ED50
NSTA_Public_ED50 NSTA_Sup2016_Blocks_Offered_ED50 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ED50
NSTA_Public_ED50 NSTA_Sup2016_Awards_ED50 NSTA_RoundAwards_ED50
NSTA_Public_ETRS89 NSTA_Rd29_Blocks_Offered_ETRS89 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ETRS89
NSTA_Public_ETRS89 NSTA_Rd30_Blocks_Offered_ETRS89 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ETRS89
NSTA_Public_ETRS89 NSTA_Rd31_Blocks_Offered_ETRS89 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ETRS89
NSTA_Public_ETRS89 NSTA_Sup2016_Blocks_Offered_ETRS89 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_ETRS89
NSTA_Public_ETRS89 NSTA_Sup2016_Awards_ETRS89 NSTA_RoundAwards_ETRS89
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Rd29_Blocks_Offered_WGS84 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Rd30_Blocks_Offered_WGS84 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Rd31_Blocks_Offered_WGS84 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Sup2016_Blocks_Offered_WGS84 NSTA_RoundOfferedBlocks_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Sup2016_Awards_WGS84 NSTA_RoundAwards_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_Pre31stRoundAvailableData_WGS84 NSTA_Data_Initiatives_AOIs_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_PWA_Wells_WGS84 NSTA_Data_Initiatives_AOIs_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 BGS_21CXRM_Palaeozoic_AOI_WGS84 NSTA_Data_Initiatives_AOIs_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_30thRoundAvailableData_WGS84 NSTA_Data_Initiatives_AOIs_WGS84
NSTA_Public_WGS84 NSTA_RegionalGeologyMaps_WGS84 NSTA_Data_Initiatives_AOIs_WGS84


On 5th July, we will add the attribute DEVIATTYP to well header downloads and services in all three coordinate reference systems.


  • On 20th June, we will make a reformatted version of sub areas available. This version will have one record per equity group holder. It will be available to download via the Open Data site, and added as an extra layer in the NSTA_Licences_XXX web services in ED50, ETRS89, WGS84 and BNG coordinate systems. The existing sub areas dataset schema will remain unchanged.
  • On 4th June, we will expand the NSTA_LicenceRelinquishments services and relinquished block downloads to include all relinquished licences for the UKCS. The service and download for these will continue to have links to the associated relinquishment reports. There are some schema changes associated with this change. See the new sheet ‘relinquishments’ here for more details


  • On 16th April, we will switch off the GovSeismic services in the WGS84, ETRS89 and ED50 folders.


The same data is held in the NSTA_Government_Seismic folder under their respective CRS service. No data will be lost.


  • Services domain change. On 27th March, our services will be using instead of This will affect all our web mapping services.
  • Well schema changes. See here for more details.


  • Licence Schema Changes. See here for more details
  • The web services: NSTA_Unsanctioned_Discoveries in all three coordinate systems and NSTA_Undeveloped_Discoveries_Montages in all three coordinate systems have been replaced by NSTA_Undeveloped_Discoveries in all three coordinate systems. This was a data rationalisation exercise, no information has been lost.
  • The web services for 29th and 30th Round Indicative areas in all three coordinate systems have been replaced by NSTA_RoundIndicativeAreas in all three coordinate systems. The only difference between retired and current services is that we now include multiple indicative areas in one service. Indicative areas dating back to 29th round are included in this service and future indicative areas will be included here too. No information has been lost.