For decades the UK North Sea has been a testbed for pioneering technologies used to produce billions of barrels of North Sea oil and gas, underpinning the UK’s energy security.

This equipment has gone on to be adopted in oil and gas producing nations around the world. Innovative technologies will also pave the way for the UK’s transition to net zero, helping cut emissions from North Sea oil and gas operations and supporting the rapid growth of emerging industries such as carbon storage and hydrogen. 

In support of our Strategy, the NSTA has a role in the development and deployment of technologies which support energy security and emissions reduction. We gather information from companies about the technologies they have already installed and require them to identify solutions which could enhance their operations in future. These insights are published in the NSTA’s annual Technology Insights reports to raise awareness of technologies which are having a positive impact and accelerate their deployment across the North Sea. 

We also work closely with industry and government to increase the uptake of ground-breaking solutions through the work of the Technology Leadership Board (TLB), which shapes the industry’s strategic direction and sets clear priorities. The TLB uncovers opportunities, shares knowledge and connects operators with equipment makers who can help them overcome challenges.  

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