The Asset Stewardship Taskforce (ASTF) works to support the NSTA Strategy, in respect of both production and net zero obligations by improving asset stewardship in the UK Continental Shelf area.

Member organisations


Co-chairs are currently Arne Gurtner (Equinor) and Andy Brooks (NSTA)
Arne Gurtner represents the ASTF at the North Sea Transition Steering Group and Forum.

The ASTF meets quarterly, meeting minutes are available on request.


  • NSTA and industry co-chair, defining task force principles and terms of reference
  • NSTA provides secretariat to support task force
  • Industry co-chair represents task force at the North Transition Steering Group and Forum
  • Task force membership comprises a diverse group of senior operations and business managers from operators, supply chain and other industry sectors
  • Task force membership derived from commitment to active attendance and contributions
  • Task force priorities delivered via task groups with clear terms of reference and a small number of deliverables per annum

ASTF task groups

Net Zero

Task force lead:  Laurent Parra (Total)


  • Targets, Measurement & Reporting – develop and seek agreement on initial approach to tracking UKCS net zero performance
  • Stewardship – development and implementation of a Net Zero Stewardship Expectation (SE11)
    Case Studies – identification and sharing of industry case studies that have positively impacted net zero performance
  • Electrification - provide line of sight to all the cross-electrification activity and identify the barriers that are slowing progress

Task group lead: Katy Heidenreich (Offshore Energies UK)


  • Encourage application of the Resource Progression Tool Kit by industry
  • Seek feedback and learnings from companies that have used the tool kit
  • Exploit learnings from where the tool kit has been applied to identify focus areas that could help drive resource progression

Task Group Lead: Brian Rodger (CNOOC)


  • Industry Loss Reporting Data Collection, Root Cause Analysis
  • Publish industry wide best practice for production loss management
  • Update UKCS production loss reporting for 2022 survey