The North Sea Transition Steering Group is co-chaired by the NSTA and industry. They meet quarterly and agree topics to be discussed at the North Sea Transition Forum, have oversight of the Task Forces and provides assurance on the delivery of their activities. They also discuss and review key strategic issues facing the industry.

North Sea Transition Steering Group members

  • Co-Chair: Stuart Payne (North Sea Transition Authority)
  • Co-Chair: Simon Roddy (Shell)
  • Subsurface Task ForceNick Terrell (Finder Energy)
  • Asset Stewardship Task Force: Jo White (Perenco)
  • Technology Leadership Board: Nicolas Payer (TotalEnergies)
  • Decommissioning and Reuse Task ForceBob Fennell (Harbour Energy)
  • Supply Chain and Exports Task ForceJohn Pearson (Petrofac)
  • Wells Task ForceDoris Reiter (bp)
  • CO2 Transportation and Storage Task ForceLuciano Vasques (ENI Uk Limited)
  • Energy Skills Alliance: [TBC]
  • Integrated Energy Task Force: Myrtle Dawes (NZTC)
  • Offshore Energies UK: David Whitehouse 
  • Offshore Energies UK: Sian Lloyd-Rees (Awen Solutions, Co-Chair OEUK, NSTD Supply Chain Champion)
  • Offshore Energies UK: Neil McCulloch (Spirit Energy, Co-Chair OEUK)


Minutes of Meeting

North Sea Transition Steering Group: Terms of Reference (ToR)


This group will focus on steering the Task Forces and will provide a platform to discuss and review key strategic issues affecting the oil and gas industry.


The Steering Group will:

  1. Have oversight of the Task Forces, ensuring there is no duplication or gaps in the work being undertaken by the task forces and that task force activities support economic recovery, whilst fully supporting the UK's energy transition to net zero.
  2. Steer and provide assurance on the delivery of task force activities.
  3. Review key strategic issues such as industrial strategy, collaboration & NSTA/Industry interface.
  4. Identify and agree the key topics to be discussed at the North Sea Transition Forum.
  5. Create and disband task forces and/or task and finish groups where appropriate
  6. Highlight any perceived or real conflicts of interest to the co-chairs or secretariat.
  7. When participating in steering group duties members will represent the UK oil and gas industry as a whole and not their individual companies.


  1. The steering group will be co-chaired by industry and the NSTA.
  2. Members will include the industry leads of the task forces, and other representatives from the NSTA and Offshore Energies.
  3. New additional members to the steering group must be proposed by the Offshore Energies UK board and confirmed by the NSTA. All members must have a relevant role and lead on a relevant activity.
  4. The industry co-chair,  task force leads and Offshore Energies UK members will hold their post for a maximum period of two years unless extended with agreement from the Offshore Energies UK board and the NSTA. Rotations will be phased to minimise disruptions in the steering group and across the task forces.
  5. Steering group standing members include the NSTA and Offshore Energies UK Chief Executives.


  1. The steering group will meet at least twice per year, typically 1 month prior to the North Sea Transition Forum.
  2. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Members may nominate a suitable task force replacement to attend steering group meetings only if they are unable to attend.
  3. The NSTA will provide secretariat support.
  4. Steering group members should submit any pre-read materials 5 working days prior to meetings to enable the secretariat to issue these to the group a minimum of 3 workings days prior to the meetings.