The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) introduced new measures in 2018 to ensure operators work appropriately with the supply chain and derive maximum value from project activity.

This involves requiring operators to complete Supply Chain Action Plans (SCAPs) for all new projects, including decommissioning activities.

SCAPs help operators demonstrate that their contracting strategies and concepts are comprehensive and well-positioned to deliver “best value” in accordance with their Field Development Plan (FDP), Field Development Plan Addendum (FDPA), carbon storage permit, or Decommissioning Programme (DP).

The NSTA updated its SCAP guidance in August 2022 to ensure alignment with its Strategy and the North Sea Transition Deal, details of which can be found in the following letter to stakeholders here.

Supply chain action plan digitalisation

The NSTA wrote an open letter to licensees on 9 March 2023 to notify them of planned changes to the NSTA SCAP process. As of June 2023 SCAPs will be submitted, reviewed and closed out via the NSTA energy portal.

The letter to licensees can be viewed here.

Users can register for access to the NSTA Energy Portal here. Once registered, access to the digital SCAP system can be requested by emailing .