The Decommissioning and Repurposing Taskforce’s (DaRT) objective is to support industry to safely reduce the cost of decommissioning in an environmentally responsible manner by ensuring an integrated approach to address the key challenges and opportunities facing the sector, facilitating dialogue between all stakeholders, and working together to deliver strategic direction and tangible improvements.

Task force member organisations

dart logos NSTA BP CNR DECOM North Sea NZTC OPRED OEUK HSE cnooc global underwater hub Harbour Energy IADC

Co-Chairs are currently Scott Barr (Harbour Energy) and Alastair Bisset (NSTA)

Focus areas

2024 The taskforce sets annual focus areas which look to align with some of the key topics or emerging challenges in the decommissioning sector, and works on these over the course of the year, whilst also looking to engage with other active groups and networks that are looking to support and serve decommissioning projects/activities. Given the range of organisations represented on the DaRT, some of the recurring agenda areas include:

  • New Technology
  • Regulatory Topics (NSTA, OPRED & HSE)
  • Supply Chain updates
  • Drilling & Wells 
  • Subsea 
  • Annual Decom Reports (Cost, Performance & Benchmarking)
  • International Perspectives on Decommissioning
  • Infrastructure Repurposing

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Decommissioning Workgroups

The DaRT is just one of a number of workgroups that are currently active in the decommissioning sector of the UKCS. An overview of these groups - including details of their objectives, who facilitates them and who their members are - is included at the link below, to help provide visibility and awareness of these to decommissioning practitioners. The NSTA is involved with several of these groups, in varying capacities and roles.

Below is a link to an overview of these groups as they stand as of Q1 2024, for reference and further information

Reports & Publications