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Pipeline Works Authorisations

The Consents and Authorisations team is part of the Regulation directorate and prepare, authorise, and issue formal consents and authorisations to enable oil and gas fields to be developed and hydrocarbons produced. 

Flaring and venting

The NSTA is the regulator for flaring and venting under the Energy Act 1976 (as amended by the Energy Act 2016) and the Petroleum Act 1998

Open Permission - Emergency Pipeline Deposit (Withdrawn)

As per our previous communication of the 14 February 2022. where the NSTA announced that it is withdrawing the Open Permission for Emergency Pipeline Deposits (the ‘Open Permission’), the NSTA now confirms that effective from 21 February 2022, the Open Permission has now been withdrawn.

Licensing Regime
Licensing regime

The Petroleum Act 1998 vests all rights to the nation’s petroleum resources in the Crown, but the North Sea Transition Authority can grant licences that confer exclusive rights to ‘search and bore for and get’ petroleum.