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The Decommissioning Strategy, which was published separately in June 2016 and precedes this document, sets out a high-level overview of the issues facing the UKCS decommissioning sector and the steps necessary to realise the considerable value presented. Decommissioning also offers the UK supply chain great potential to develop UK skills and expertise and ultimately become a world leader in what is a relatively immature sector with significant global export potential.

This Decommissioning Delivery Programme builds on the Decommissioning Strategy and describes in more detail how and when near-term priority areas in decommissioning will be delivered. In addition, this Decommissioning Delivery Programme takes into account the various obligations and commitments from the MER UK Strategy, the Energy Act and the OGA Corporate Plan 2016–2021, as well as the principles of stewardship.

The three main priorities in the Strategy are:

  • Cost certainty and reduction
  • Decommissioning delivery capability
  • Decommissioning scope, guidance, and stakeholder engagement

These Strategy priorities are more fully explained as elements within this Delivery Programme, together with three additional programme elements:

  • Decommissioning Programme consultation
  • Well Plug and Abandon (P&A) optimisation programme
  • Industry engagement