The Oil and Gas Authority’s digital strategy 2020-2025 sets out our digital ambition.  

The commitment made by the UK government to net zero means that the role of the OGA is rapidly evolving to assist the energy transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and support the efficient and responsible production of oil and gas reserves 

Digital is helping to advance these policy objectives and will play an increasingly important role in their realisation. Fundamentally new approaches and business models are needed to achieve them which, in turn, depend on high quality integrated data and insights to inform decisionsmore connected digital approach is evolving to the grand challenges outlined in the UK Industrial Strategy and UK Data Strategy.  

The OGA is now working to develop our role further in influencing and promoting digital and data agenda and in collaborating, partnering and assuring a wider digital approach – making digital real.  

The OGA have recently created a Digital Energy Platform Advisory Committee to advise on achieving these aims. Members will be asked to provide strategic advice on realising the OGA digital strategy with reference to the following areas:  

  • Providing input and feedback on the OGA’s digital data and technology strategy including the long-term sustainable curation and value realisation from petroleum-related information and samples and other information required to support the transition to low-carbon;  
  • Providing feedback and advice on the development and operation of the OGA Digital Energy Platform, a collaborative digital and data platform, for its many stakeholders;  
  • Helping to ensure that information, samples and analysis are published and made available to the widest possible audience with the aim of maximising the benefit to the UK economy and net zero agenda;  
  • Supporting improved efficiency by optimising data and platform sharing across government, industry and academia;  
  • Supporting the OGA strategy in promoting and influencing digital skills development and ways of working amongst its stakeholders.  

The Digital Energy Platform is formed of members of the OGA, representatives from OGUK, OGTC, BGS, UKHO, academia, alongside industry representatives from digital and data backgrounds. The OGA is now looking to fill a newly-created data insights role. 

The OGA is looking for an individual to serve a 2-year voluntary term on the Digital Energy Platform Advisory Committee who can offer advice as a user of OGA systems and data. This individual would be expected to have experience of working with industry data and using this for analysis or insights in making business decisions. 


The Advisory Committee meets approximately quarterly. Time commitment is approximately ½ a day quarterly with a two-year tenure. 

This is a voluntary role. 

All members of the Advisory Committee may be asked to sign declarations concerning conflicts of interest and non-competition, in a form to be approved by the OGA. 

If you would like to know more, please send expressions of interest to by 31 January 2021