• Site now boasts more than 1,700 subscribers

  • Currently hosts 136 projects across five areas

  • Significant quarterly growth in capex opportunities

Business opportunities in the North Sea are getting increasingly easy to access, as Energy Pathfinder continues to attract subscribers and highlight more contracts.

Managed by the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), the latest Pathfinder update shows that the crucial subscriber base has risen by 43% in 2022 and now boasts over 1,700 active users from both Operators and the supply chain.

There are currently 136 live contract opportunities on the site including 12 capex projects that have been added in the past three months, alongside two opex projects in the same time period. 

Capex has seen significant growth in the last quarter with significant updates to 50 projects in addition to the dozen new ones.

The available opportunities, including a range of activities from oil and gas exploration and production and several renewables projects, are very much focused on the NSTA’s core aims of helping industry to maintain a secure energy supply while also focusing on the drive to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Interesting projects currently on the site include Morven offshore wind, which offers significant opportunities including substations, blades, and cables, and ENI which uploaded details for the Liverpool Bay CCS Transport and Storage project, including a detailed project summary and several upcoming tenders.

Hartshead Resources has also uploaded details of a wide range of opportunities available on two new unmanned wellhead platforms.

Initially launched as an oil and gas portal in 2010, Pathfinder has been regularly updated to meet changing needs and now features projects including well decommissioning campaigns, offshore wind and carbon capture and storage opportunities.

Operations and maintenance work prospects worth millions of pounds, posted by 10 separate Operators, are the latest addition to the range of work on offer.

In total the site now boasts 75 decommissioning contracts, 33 in development, seven in discovery, 11 in energy transition and 10 in operations and maintenance.

The NSTA expects over £30billion to be spent on decommissioning in the coming decades, so it will continue to provide huge contract opportunities on the portal for many years to come.

The growth in energy transition and operations and maintenance work is also expected to continue as the NSTA maintains its commitment to growing the site through ongoing engagement with the oil and gas and renewables sectors including presenting the purpose and value of Pathfinder at conferences and special events across Britain.

Bill Cattanach OBE, NSTA Head of Supply Chain, said:

“The latest usage figures are very pleasing indeed. We are working hard to broaden the scope of Pathfinder promoting the full range of UKCS activity including Energy Transition and low carbon energy projects. 

“The supply chain is always calling for greater transparency of opportunities and as Pathfinder becomes a one-stop shop for available contracts that visibility is falling into place.

“We thank the Operators for embracing the extended functions of Pathfinder to broaden their supply chain base in a changing energy market.”

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