Gunther Newcombe, Director of Operations at the OGA, is currently undertaking the role of Acting Head of Decommissioning whilst the OGA undertakes recruitment to fill the role on a permanent basis. These duties are in addition to those Gunther carries out under his permanent role as Director of Operations.

Gunther commented “The OGA are looking for a new Head of Decommissioning following the departure of Jim Christie at the end of June and we are keen to hear from potential candidates. During the period of recruitment I will be Acting Head of Decommissioning and also taking on the role of supporting Terri King, of ConocoPhillips, on the Decommissioning Task Force”. Prior to joining the OGA in June 2015 Gunther worked as BP’s VP Decommissioning during the period 2007 – 2012 and was responsible for the removal of NW Hutton platform  and commencing the decommissioning processes of the Miller and Don fields.

The OGA’s advert for the Head of Decommissioning role can be viewed here