The OGA initiated the process to commence work on the 2017 UKCS Stewardship Survey and has written to operators and licence holders outlining forward plans on 1 June 2017. Critical to the success of this year’s survey, which will be launched on 1 November 2017 and close end February 2018*, will be to build in improvements highlighted by industry. Workshops will be set up with licence holders during August and September to build in these improvements and training is being planned for October.

Gunther Newcombe, Operations Director for the OGA, commented:

''Data the industry provided in the 2016 UKCS Stewardship Survey has been used extensively by the OGA to inform area plans and stewardship processes and, in addition, the OGA will be issuing a series of reports for use by industry throughout 2017 starting with a Production Efficiency report in June.

One of the OGA’s key priorities is to make as much quality data and information available to industry as quickly as possible, and this process seems to be working with over 400,000 page views to our revamped website since October 2016 and 14 million requests of the GIS server which contains enhanced data and maps.''

The OGA is also preparing to release extensive information for the 30th Licensing Round with 148 data packs on undeveloped discoveries, including around 60 technical montages, and regional geological maps and reports covering the Central North Sea and Moray Firth.

Later in the year, the OGA will be releasing high quality newly-acquired 2D broadband seismic and reprocessed seismic data, gravity/magnetics data and geological reports to be used for the evaluation of the 31st Licensing Round.

*If there is significant projected change in activity since compiling the 2016 UKCS Stewardship Survey operators will need to update the activity section of the survey by 11 August 2017, commencing on 3 July 2017.