New guidance has been published by the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) today, 18 February 2019, on the disclosure of protected material after a specified period. 

Developed in collaboration with industry, the guidance is designed to help relevant persons understand what information and samples must be reported under the Energy Act 2016. It explains how they must be reported, to whom (or where) and by what time.  

It also explains how the OGA will disclose those information and samples, where relevant. This will mostly be done through the soon-to-be-launched National Data Repository (NDR) which comes on-line early this year. 

The guidance is designed to underpin the OGA’s strategy of data transparency - making as much petroleum-related information available as soon as possible, to help maximise value from the United Kingdom Continental Shelf UKCS). 

The disclosure regulations and this guidance mean that new data types not previously widely published will be available as soon as possible, for use by industry, academia and the supply chain in the broadest terms possible. In many cases, the OGA has after consultation shortened the disclosure periods for information and samples – meaning they will be available for use even sooner in future.  

Nic Granger, Director of Corporate at the Oil and Gas Authority said: 

"Information and samples play a highly significant role in the UK oil and gas industry, particularly in the digital age. High quality digital data is vital to the UK economy and is helping to power a 4th industrial revolution.

“The OGA is committed to providing high-quality data at scale on digital infrastructure platforms such as the OGA Open Data Portal and the NDR where they may be used to derive insight and value using such tools as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).”  

Following publication of the guidance, the OGA will be issuing reporting notices to relevant persons using powers already in force under the Energy Act 2016 to obtain information and samples. These are expected to be issued this month.  

Notes to editors: 

The ‘Reporting and disclosure of information and samples guidance’ can be found here

The Oil and Gas Authority (Offshore Petroleum) (Disclosure of Protected Material after Specified Period) Regulations 2018 were made by the secretary of State for Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in July 2018. 


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