The UK Energy Portal service desk is being outsourced to the OGA’s Third party provider, Fivium Ltd, to handle all the first line technical queries, questions and requests for the UK Energy Portal applications. Fivium already currently provide all second and third line support and help develop applications on the UK Energy Portal and additionally the new role will speed up the support process. This new arrangement will also free up the OGA IT Team to undertake any additional project work required on the Energy Portal.

About the UK Energy Portal

A platform to allow the UK Energy Industry to apply for and receive consent or direction electronically on a wide range of activities relating to Hydrocarbon Exploration, Production, Development, Decommissioning and the protection of the Environment. Provide improved and streamlined Government administration procedures in support of this. Support the monitoring of consented activities within the UK and ensure conformance with Petroleum Licence obligations, good practice and regulations. Provide an environment which is adaptable to changes in future legislation and the realisation of improved administration and regulation. Take advantage of initiatives within the global Energy industry on data and information exchange standards and internet data services.

Start Date

The transition to the new service will take place on Monday 3rd September 2018.


Contact to the Portal Service Desk will remain the same as it currently is by emailing or calling 0300 067 1682. Your email will be sent to Fivium which will automatically create a JIRA ticket for your query. Fivium will also answer all telephone queries.

To ensure the process works efficiently please use the email address and NOT any OGA personal email addresses.

Non-Technical queries

If your query is business related and not technical, Fivium will forward this onto the OGA or BEIS Subject Mater Expert (SME) to answer for you. If your query is technical, Fivium will investigate, escalate and/or resolve where appropriate.


As the Portal Service Desk is being outsourced, there are a few changes to the creation of new user accounts and resetting of user account passwords - please see below the details:

  • The Security Question/Answer and Date of Birth feature will be retired to comply with GDPR.
  • As a result, the “forgotten my password” screen has been updated - this will now send the user an email to the address registered to their Portal account with a secure temporary link that will allow the user to reset their password.
  • The introduction of Self-Registration to every application on the Portal will be made possible to provide the minimum self-registration details and allow a Portal account to be created. This account will not be in any teams or groups or have permissions allocated to them. That is still the responsibility of the Team Coordinator and/or Group Access Manager.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the UK Energy Portal Service Desk.