The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has today appointed Osokey Ltd. as collaborative partner in developing the National Data Repository (NDR) platform, as a critical element of the OGA Digital Energy Platform

Osokey, which was awarded the contract following a competitive tender process will now start developing new services to go live in 2021. The service will continue to host a range of essential information including wellbores, geophysical surveys and petroleum infrastructure but will make inputting and accessing information easier for users. The new cloud-based approach will enable the OGA, for the first time, to host all reported information, including considerable volumes of legacy unprocessed seismic data, in our own systems.

As well as establishing an enduring archive, the new service will make data more accessible and easier to navigate for users. The OGA anticipates that this will assist in identifying potential carbon storage sites and contribute to the UK’s net zero objectives. Whilst also enabling users to share data and access data that is machine readable to use for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Nic Granger, OGA Director of Corporate, said:

“Since launching in 2019, more than 500 terabytes of information have been downloaded from the NDR. We know the data is used extensively by industry, academia and government to help in a range of activities from exploration to research into carbon storage and we are confident that through working with Osokey it will become an even more useful and valued resource.”