Investigation – Cygnus and Pegasus

On 25 June 2019, the OGA opened an own initiative non-binding dispute resolution investigation into the prioritisation of access to Cygnus capacity in relation to transportation and processing services for gas from the Pegasus field, taking into account in particular:

(a) the nature and timing of the various Cygnus resource progression opportunities;

(b) the plant operating mode limitations; and

(c) the pre-investment made in future facilities at the time of Cygnus FID / FDP consent.

The parties to the investigation are on the one hand, the owners of the Cygnus hub, comprising Neptune E&P UK Ltd and Spirit Energy, and on the other hand, the owners of the Pegasus field, comprising Spirit Energy and Hague and London Oil BV.

The OGA will provide further updates as the investigation progresses.


The latest version of the case register can be found here.