The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has launched a virtual map gallery showcasing six of OGA’s most popular and recent apps allowing users to explore our huge range of data in an easily-accessible way.

The six featured apps – UKCS Lease Agreements, Daily Production Data, Exploration and Appraisal Wells, Offshore Activity, Relinquishment Requests and Production Dashboard – provide a huge amount of data and each one also features an expert view on the information and some of its possible uses and a demo video which offers pointers on getting the most out of each app.

The gallery is the latest example of the growing range of information and services available from the OGA’s Data Centre, which supports users’ work in areas including exploration, production and locating potential sites for carbon storage.


Nic Granger, OGA Director of Corporate and Chief Financial Officer, said:

“We are taking data and digital to the next level this year. This map gallery takes its place alongside the imminent launch of the latest version of the National Data Repository and a range of other services as important parts of the OGA Digital Energy Platform, which are dedicated to providing digital tools that enable industry to use OGA data for business decisions.”