The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has launched its new and improved 2017 Stewardship Survey for UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) operators of petroleum licences and of upstream petroleum infrastructure.

The annual survey has been enhanced based on industry feedback during 2017 and gathers data on activity and performance. Areas covered include exploration, production, projects, operating and decommissioning costs and technology.

Data gathered from the survey are used among other things to inform the OGA’s asset stewardship reviews with operators and provide meaningful insights into current and forecast activity in the UKCS. It is also being used to facilitate robust economic modelling of UKCS fields and hubs and help build regional strategies and area plans.

The OGA also publishes reports derived from these data in the form of lessons learnt and benchmarking reports to provide valuable insights for industry.

The survey, which was introduced last year, replaced and integrated up to nine previous surveys, streamlining the way data are gathered and analysed to reduce complexity, time, effort and burden on operators, licence holders and the OGA.

A series of workshops were held in August 2017 to discuss proposed changes for each section of the survey and provide industry with the opportunity to give feedback and be involved in how changes are implemented.

Following that, the OGA held 16 training sessions in October, helping around 330 people working for oil and gas operators to familiarise themselves with the new system.

OGA Director of Operations Gunther Newcombe said: “The annual UKCS Stewardship Survey is an important exercise which allows the OGA to gather meaningful data to analyse industry’s performance and activity. The data gathered not only allows us to get a picture of what’s going on, but helps us target our efforts.

“We’ve listened to industry’s feedback and enhanced the survey to ensure it is as simple as possible and are providing ‘playback’ of the data in the form of benchmarking reports to help improve performance.”

The main survey opens on 1 November 2017 and will close on 28 February 2018. The activity section of the Survey will start on 1 November 2017 and will close on 19 January 2018.


Notes to editors

In late 1Q 2018, the OGA will undertake a short feedback session to gauge industry response to the enhanced Survey and how it can be improved.

Enhancements made to the new Survey include:

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