The OGA continues to transform access to information as delivery of data from the National Data Repository (NDR) is automated.

Well reports, logs and other digital files held in the National Data Repository (NDR) are more readily available to industry as the new Application Programming Interface (API) – which provides access to more than 4.8 terabytes of information – allows users to connect to certain data types and then download it from the NDR when it has become available.

This means that API users no longer need to search for, download and manage available data. They can be confident that, as it is disclosed by the OGA, they can have automated delivery of data to their organisation’s systems and devices without the need to log into the NDR.

Since going live 20 companies have signed up to use the NDR API, including Neptune Energy, which was the first to use it. They downloaded over 650,000 files in just eight days; achieving what all NDR users combined had managed in the first five months of the year using the established user-driven download method.