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Last week the OGA published its first Inclusion Report, highlighting the OGA’s interest in supporting an increased level of diversity and inclusion (D&I) within oil and gas sector.

In this podcast episode our guests consider some difficult, but critical, questions. In recent years, big changes have taken place across society as a whole, but is the oil and gas industry anywhere near a level playing field in terms of diversity? People know it’s important to make others feel welcome and included but is that the responsibility of individuals themselves or is it something for companies to take control of? And what can the sector do to improve D&I activity, particularly during this period of crisis and uncertainty?

The podcast acknowledges that the combined impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and low commodity prices is putting pressure on the industry and creating some very difficult trading conditions for businesses. In the immediate term, protecting staff and businesses is the industry’s main priority, but as the podcast and report explain, inclusion can be one of the enabling behaviours that can support individuals and organisations in navigating the future, engaging staff, and fostering innovation, particularly as the industry works towards the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Hosted by Chrissie Innes, Communications Manager at the OGA, the episode centres around the opinions of two highly experienced diversity and inclusion consultants:

  • Claire Harvey – Founder at Anatta Ltd
  • Chris Gibbons – Director at Inside Inclusion

The episode also features the authentic voices of individuals working in the oil and gas industry, highlighting their passion and pride for the topic, and giving invaluable suggestions about how both companies and individuals can go further:

  • Myrtle Dawes – Solution Centre Director at OGTC
  • Craig Shanaghey - President Operations Services Europe & Africa at Wood
  • Mez Riezia – Business Advisor at Oil and Gas UK
  • Susan Grayson - Director, Resourcing, Talent, D&I and L&D at Spirit Energy
  • Dr Ollie Folayan - Chairman, AFBE-UK Scotland

Working within social distancing measures, this episode called for a new level of creativity and technological patience, with the entire recording being carried out remotely from each guest’s own home.







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