The OGA has confirmed that in July 2018 there will be no requirement for operators to submit mid-year activity data. This differs from July 2017, when the OGA asked industry to complete the UKCS Stewardship Survey Mid-Year Activity Survey.

Gunther Newcombe, the OGA’s Operations Director said: “We are continually reviewing our requirements with regards to Stewardship Survey data, and felt that this request was no longer necessary. The OGA believes that this decision will help reduce the burden on industry and hope that operators welcome the change.”

Separately, at the end of 2017 the OGA launched the UKCS Stewardship Survey 2017, which closed in February 2018. An excellent response was received, with a 100% completion rate. The UKCS Stewardship Survey is used by the OGA to create a single source of current, aligned and robust data covering the whole asset life cycle across the UKCS. Using the data the OGA generates reports which are shared with industry throughout the year. The data from the 2017 UKCS Stewardship Survey has already been used in the ‘Projections of UK Oil and Gas Production and Expenditure Report’ issued earlier this month.