The Oil and Gas Authority’s (OGA) Technology Insights, launched today, shows that net zero and data and digital are increasingly key areas of focus for innovation in the oil and gas industry, alongside the core technologies for exploration, development and asset operations.

Based on the analysis of over 800 individual technologies reported by Operators in their 2020 Technology Plans, the new Technology Insights microsite gives easy access to technology information by categories covering the lifecycle of assets from exploration to decommissioning and reuse.

The industry trends highlighted will allow individual operators to compare Technology Plans with their peer group and help the supply chain better understand operators’ technology needs. 

Key findings from this year’s Insights:

  • Direct spend on technology by operators continued to decline in 2020, albeit more slowly than in previous years
  • As a result, there is an ever-growing reliance by operators on mature technologies sourced directly from suppliers
  • Overall, there is a growing focus on technologies for mature asset operations (from wells to facilities) accounting 45% of the total technologies reported
  • Interest in data and digital is increasing, with 21% of the technologies reported
  • Technologies for net zero were for the first time reported in operators plans last year, including solutions for emission monitoring, flaring and venting reduction, and the use of renewable power offshore

Mikki Corcoran, MD Schlumberger Europe, Co-Chair of the Technology Leadership Board (TLB), said:

 “Technical innovation remains key to our UKCS industry. The new OGA Technology Insights summarises the rich content of UKCS oil and gas operators’ technology plans. This gives the industry a useful tool to share experience on technologies and engage with the supply chain, to maximise hydrocarbons recovery from the UKCS and tackle the needs of the upcoming Energy Transition.”

Carlo Procaccini, OGA Head of Technology and TLB Co-Chair, said: 

“Last year’s operators’ plans covered in excess of 800 individual technologies, of which around 60% are existing technologies being introduced to the field, but over 40% are still in the development phase.  I am really looking forward to engaging the industry through the OGA and TLB work to support development and deployment of innovative technologies that the UKCS needs.”

The web pages will provide insights into the latest technological progress and deployments in the form of case studies. These will be updated periodically to build and maintain a useful library of relevant examples.

Operators and technology developers are encouraged to share learnings on the application of technology advances, also by submitting ‘case studies’ to the OGA for consideration for inclusion.  Please email