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Climate change targets have led to significant changes in the energy mix with the energy transition rapidly gaining pace. However, UK oil and gas production projections remain below what the UK will consume, therefore cleanly maximising the value from indigenous hydrocarbons will help deliver the UK’s future energy needs.

As such, MER UK can continue to play an important role as we move towards a ‘net-zero’ economy. It can also help realise the significant global opportunities for our world-class supply chain to diversify into other energy markets.

So how can the oil and gas industry achieve maximise economic recovery from the basin while supporting the transition to a lower carbon future?

In the latest OGA podcast ‘The Energy Transition’, the Oil and Gas Authority’s (OGA) Chief Executive Andy Samuel debates this important issue with leading industry figures:

  • Hedda Felin, Managing Director UK at Equinor
  • Sinead Lynch, UK Country Chair at Shell
  • Charlotte Hartley, Regulatory Pilot at Pale Blue Dot Energy
  • Harry Thorne, Lead Business Advisor at Oil & Gas UK
  • Jonathan Dredge, Policy Advisor at OGA

This episode delves into how industry is balancing the demand for oil and gas with strategies to deliver ambitious emissions targets. The guests discuss the changing energy supply but also how the public’s attitudes to consumption is also changing. We also hear about the steps industry is making to diversify and integrate offshore power generation. This includes: platform electrification; carbon capture and storage; gas to wire; enhanced oil recovery; hydrogen projects; and the role of the OGA in supporting this.

Dr Andy Samuel, Chief Executive of the Oil and Gas Authority said: “The OGA fully supports the transition to a net zero economy. Industry has great skills and technologies and will be part of the solution to climate change. To retain their social licence to operate they must also be part of the conversation and actively engage with the public. I was pleased to chair this podcast discussion with a great panel of guests.”

The OGA is inviting feedback on this series of podcasts, including any ideas for future episodes. If you would like to become a guest, please let us know.

The OGA's has also recently published its policy position on our role in the energy transition  (OGA policy position).

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