The OGA has published its Thematic Review into Industry Compliance with Regulatory Obligations. The review recognises that industry is improving, following earlier interventions, but stresses the importance of maintaining the high standards now achieved by the majority, and the need for a minority to catch up. In particular, the review notes that there remains room for improvement around managing production, flare and vent consents and the timeliness of licence extension requests.

The review looked at six areas of interaction between licensees and the OGA and examined the reasons why some licensees were tripping up, while others were doing a good job. The six areas investigated were – Licence Mechanics (the process of applying for, extending and renewing licences), Flaring, Venting and Production Consents, Pipeline Works Authorisations, Wells Consents, Data Requirements (Data reporting and Information and Samples Plans), and Statutory Notification of Meetings.

The OGA’s final report on its Thematic Review