The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) has extended the UKCS mediation pilot in order to gather further data to judge its overall value.

The scheme was first launched in 2020 to gauge whether or not mediation is helpful in resolving disputes between oil and gas licensees, operators and infrastructure owners.

It was extended in 2021 following positive, but limited, initial take-up as industry dealt with the challenging conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To analyse the benefits of the scheme, more data from parties who have used it is needed, so the pilot will be extended until at least six mediations have taken place or until 31 December 2023, whichever is sooner. 

Jane de Lozey, NSTA Head of Disputes and Sanctions, said:

“We have received positive feedback from the companies that have used the scheme and see real opportunities for successful collaboration for the resolution of issues and disputes in the UKCS.

“To effectively analyse the benefits of the scheme for industry, more data is needed and as a result we have extended the pilot.”

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