The OGA intends to produce updated projections of UKCS activity ahead of the UK government’s Autumn 2017 Budget. To inform our projections, we are seeking updated data from industry. The UKCS Stewardship Survey Mid-Year Activity Survey 2017 opens today, 3 July 2017, with a final date for data submission of 11 August 2017.

Updates will be requested only for:

  • A greater than 10% increase or reduction in either production or cost values against those reported in the 2016 UKCS Stewardship Survey (based on total over remaining field life)
  • An adjustment of the estimated cessation of production (COP) date of:
    • Greater than one year, if the previous COP date was in the range 2017–2021
    • Greater than two years, if the previous COP date was in the range 2022–2025
    • Greater than four years, if the previous COP date was later than 2025
  • New projects not reported in the 2016 UKCS Stewardship Survey
  • Certain other OGA requirements on a case-by-case basis. These include fields expected to start production in 2017 and assets where data was omitted from the 2016 survey.

Organisations that do not meet any of the above criteria do not have to complete a return. However, they will need to confirm to the OGA, via the Energy Portal, that the previously submitted data does not require to be amended.

Consistent with the 2016 UKCS Stewardship Survey, the OGA will issue statutory notices requiring organisations to provide the information requested in the Mid-Year Activity Survey 2017 to the OGA in accordance with section 34 of the Energy Act 2016. The OGA reserves the right to take appropriate action if there is a failure to comply with the requirements of such a notice.

The OGA have organised two ‘drop in’ sessions for those operators that wish to come into the OGA to talk to one of our experts about the Mid-Year Activity Survey. We would be grateful if you could please let Mike Earp ( know if you wish to attend one of these sessions. The session dates are:

  • London – 6th July 10.30 – 13.30, OGA London Offices
  • Aberdeen – 19th July 11:00 - 14:00 OGA Aberdeen Offices

Support will be offered through the usual UKOP’s helpdesk (, Tel 0300 067 1682) at all other times.

This help file is available for further information.