NSTA Technology Stewardship

Technology is recognised by the NSTA as a key enabler to achieve the Oil & Gas industry’s objectives on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)

The revised NSTA Strategy which came into force in February 2021 reaffirms the role of technology for maturation of hydrocarbon resources and expands that to delivery of net zero targets.

Specifically, the NSTA expects that industry will meets its obligations to deploy new, emerging and existing technology to optimum effect in delivering these goals and where appropriate encourage development of technology by industry to do so (Supporting Obligations 13 and 14, page 8)



NSTA Strategy

Revised NSTA Strategy

  • The NSTA engages with operators proactively through the Asset Stewardship processes, which include Stewardship Expectation SE08 focused on the application of technologies over the full asset lifecycle.

  • SE08 requires Operators to submit information on their technology development and deployments, and the NSTA meets with them to confirm progress as well as testing that technologies are effectively used across the various phase of licence and asset lifecycle

Asset Stewardship Strategy

Asset Stewardship Strategy

Tech Development

Stewardship SE08

Functional Categories


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The NSTA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.