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Licences in the current round will be added as they are executed.

The clauses incorporated into licences granted before 2008 were amended by the provisions of the Energy Act 2008. Licences granted since that date incorporate the same new provisions.

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Licence Relinquishments

The NSTA relies on the operator to confirm all necessary permissions have been obtained from any person, group, or company that may own the intellectual priority (copyright) within any material to be published. Clearance for publication must cover items including seismic lines, reprocessed seismic data, extracts from commercial reports / maps / group-funded reports, maps, sections and well data.

The reports must comply with the writing relinquishment reports guidelines (PDF, 233KB, two pages) and be submitted within three months of the request. Find out how to surrender a licence for oil and gas exploration and development.

The NSTA does not accept responsibility for any of the information published above nor does it warrant the accuracy of any data supplied by the NSTA. For further information please contact:

Email: Offshore.Exploration@nstauthority.co.uk

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