In Q2 2017, the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) will launch its refreshed Petroleum Production Reporting System (PPRS) which will place the reporting system into the Energy Portal resulting in improved functionality, capability and input into OGA’s Asset Stewardship model.

The current reporting system, PPRS 2000, collects monthly data from the reporting of hydrocarbon production from both onshore and offshore fields and terminals in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). This data is submitted by operators by email to the OGA, loaded to PPRS and then placed in the public domain on the OGA’s website after three months.

The new system, which will supersede PPRS 2000, is an enhanced solution and will enable data to be uploaded directly by the operator into the application, therefore simplifying the process for both the operator and the OGA. The main changes are:

  • A new interface for operators to load monthly data straight to the new PPRS application. Three methods will be provided:

o   XML upload

o   Web service

o   Online form upload

  • Standard data validation rules to ensure high quality data
  • New accountability and processes for data quality and data submission
  • Enhanced tools for the OGA to monitor data quality and data submissions
  • Some changes to the definitions of reporting units

The new PPRS solution will provide significant advantages for operators:

  • More flexible options for operators to load the data
  • Allow instant access to the status of each return
  • Reduce the time required to load, QC data and provide corrections if needed
  • Provide automated reminders to alert operators when actions are required

Information and data play a significant role in the UK’s oil and gas industry. Access to comprehensive, good quality data is critical to the success of the MER UK Strategy. The revision to PPRS is an objective of the OGA’s Information Management Strategy and Delivery Programme.

Operators can expect to receive invites to information sessions during March. Testing will be completed in April before the system goes live in Q2.

Any queries on the updates being made to PPRS should be directed to (