Operators will see improvements to applications and notifications in the Well Operations and Notification System (WONS) when system updates go live later today (13th July).

The improvements will help operators by overhauling questions and wording in applications and notifications to make it easier to use and reducing the number of further information requests that are required.

Other major changes include:

  • new input fields for TD sub-area operator and stratigraphic licences
  • a new input field for wellbore owners (for instance where the sub-area operator is not responsible for data obligations)
  • better functionality and wording in the wellbore update notification and extended test well test application and notification
  • well test and extended well test applications can no longer be bundled with drilling applications
  • applications for geological sidetracks of planned geological sidetracks are now allowed (preventing last minute sidetrack applications)

The OGA will hosting one-to-one sessions to WONS users to explain the changes and will be giving an overview of the changes during a WONS user group meeting to be arranged later this year.

For further information, or to book a one-to-one overview session, contact WONS@nstauthority.co.uk