The Innovate Seaward Production Licence (‘Innovate Licence’) structure was introduced in the 29th Offshore Licensing Round but only fully implemented in the 30th Offshore Licensing Round. Licences have been awarded in this format since.

The Innovate Licence comprises three Terms:

• Initial Term for carrying out the Exploration Work Programme

• Second Term for appraisal and obtaining Development and Production Consent (including the submission of a Field Development Plan)

• Third Term for development and production.

The Initial Term can comprise either one, two or three Phases, each with its own Work Programme:

• Phase A is a period for carrying out geotechnical and other studies, and obtaining and/or reprocessing geophysical data

• Phase B is a period for undertaking new shoot seismic surveys and acquiring other geophysical data; and

• Phase C is for drilling a well

This document provides general guidance on the matters to be considered in relation to the continuation – or, in this guidance, ‘transition’ - of the Innovate Licence through the Initial Term Phases.

Innovate Seaward Production Licences: Guidance on Phase Transition