The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) is encouraging decommissioning professionals to increase their usage of a valuable online resource.

The OGA’s interactive Decommissioning Learning microsite was set up in July 2018 to capture and promote late life and decommissioning learnings. The tool is updated quarterly with new lessons and industry knowledge, with a number of quizzes to test user understanding. The site also has useful links to relevant guidance documents and a range of success stories.

Learnings include planning and execution practices for the entire late life phase by Work Breakdown Structure.

Some recent examples are listed below:

  • Post cessation of production (CoP) learning: future decommissioning costs can be reduced through a restructured / decom optimised Inspection & Maintenance regime
  • Well P&A: Planning can be optimised by using the additional bed spaces and capabilities of the well P&A rig to perform other preparatory activities (outside the critical path)


Pauline Innes, Head of Decommissioning at the OGA said: “It is so important that industry continue to share learnings and there are a huge number of examples where companies are working differently to save time and costs, so this microsite offers an excellent platform for promoting these examples. A key focus for the rest of the year is establishing campaign opportunities and for this it is critical that operators and supply chain work closely together.”

The OGA encourages users to submit insightful learnings or case studies which could be added to the microsite. Please contact the OGA via to submit.

Separate to the microsite, the OGA has also published a series of "MER UK in action" case studies. These are real-life examples of decommissioning work carried out in the UKCS, including well P&A activity and platform removal.