• Partnership puts UKCS operators in touch with 1000s of suppliers

  • Latest technologies can aid production and net zero goals

  • Specialist platform complements NSTA Pathfinder portal

Oil and gas production will be boosted and net zero targets supported thanks to a new partnership between the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) and an online platform encouraging the innovative use of technology across the UK Continental Shelf.

Following £27,500 NSTA investment, UK suppliers can post details of their technologies free of charge on the UK Energy Technology Platform (UKETP) together with relevant field experience. This information can be seen by UK operators and other potential buyers – who will also have free access to the site.

Previously, free access was restricted which inhibited use of the platform. This pilot will give UK suppliers the opportunity to promote their technology to a wide market of potential users. 

Once suppliers are on the platform, their technologies will also be visible to potential buyers around the world.

There are currently 128 live technologies on the platform from around 100 UK suppliers, out of a total of 880 technologies surveyed by the NSTA in 2020  (Technology Insights). In Q3 2022, 3,165 UK individuals visited the site. This initiative expects to generate a significant increase in companies posting their equipment and potential buyers visiting.

In addition to showcasing their products, the suppliers can also name companies which are already using the equipment, so potential buyers can see that the technology is already proving its worth in real-life situations.

To sign-up go to UKETP.

Ernie Lamza, NSTA Senior Technology Adviser, said:

“The idea is basically very simple. These technologies are proven to have benefits across the North Sea in safety, exploration, production, the drive to cutting emissions, assisting the energy transition, supporting carbon storage and renewables.

“We want more users to be aware of their existence and deploy them in their projects. For a relatively small investment, we can help to realise more of the massive potential of the North Sea.”

This project complements the NSTA’s Energy Pathfinder portal. This platform allows licensees to advertise available contracts to potential suppliers. The site was recently relaunched with greater numbers of maintenance and operation contracts and renewed support for energy transition projects.

For further information please contact: 

Tel: 07776 548196

Email: pressoffice@nstauthority.co.uk