The OGA has today, 2 November, published the findings of the studies it commissioned in February 2019 to understand and learn from the induced seismicity observed at Preston New Road PNR-1Z well in 2018.

    • Impacts of ground motion from seismicity - led by Dr Ben Edwards 
    • Real-time forecasting to mitigate effects of seismicity – led by Nanometrics Inc.
    • Induced seismicity and potential subsurface mechanisms - led by Outer Limits Geophysics
    • Innovations in forecasting the distribution of seismicity - led by the British Geological Survey

In addition to the four studies the OGA has also published an overview of the experience of injection induced seismicity in other jurisdictions. 

The four independent studies; the OGA overview of experience of injection induced seismicity in other jurisdictions; and an interim summary report can be viewed here.