The Oil and Gas Authority has released regional maps and supporting data for the Mid North Sea High area.

These data represent the latest delivery from the OGA’s Regional Geological Mapping project which has been carried out in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register over the last three years.

The OGA is also releasing the final deliverables from the two-year post-doctoral Frontier Basins Research Mid North Sea High project that was carried out at Heriot-Watt University. The Heriot-Watt research project has produced a set of regional time interpretation grids based on the OGA’s released 2D seismic data, an extensive set of field and well summaries, and regional play maps.

The data from the OGA Regional Geological Mapping project have been published under the Open Government Licence. The deliverables from the Heriot-Watt post-doctoral research project have been released under the OGA User Licence Agreement

Links to maps and deliveries:

  1. MNSH deliverables from the OGA Regional Geological Mapping Project can be downloaded in ArcGIS or Open Source format
  2. MNSH deliverables from the Frontier Basins Research project carried out by Heriot-Watt University can be downloaded here