The OGA welcomes the launch of a new Shale Environmental Regulator Group (SERG), announced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) today.

SERG will bring the regulators (Oil and Gas Authority, Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency) together as a virtual body for the environmental aspects of regulation, including for the OGA induced seismicity from such operations, and will act as one, coherent, single face for local authorities and industry, helping to resolve regulatory issues on sites and sharing best practice with local authorities considering shale gas applications.

The OGA also regulates the licensing of exploration and development of oil and gas resources, and collaborates with government and regulators in relation to wider regulatory issues. 

The OGA looks forward to continuing to work with the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive to regulate the environmental aspects of shale gas exploration through the Shale Environmental Regulator Group.