Delivery Programme

The Supply Chain Strategy which was published separately alongside this document, sets out a vision for the supply chain to 2035 to grow the UK service sector’s share of both the domestic and global market.

This Supply Chain Delivery Programme builds on the Supply Chain strategy and describes in more detail how and when the focus areas will be delivered.

The three main priorities in the Strategy are:

  • Maximise the economic potential from the UKCS
  • Anchor the service sector in the UK
  • Double the accessible international market share by 2035

This Supply Chain Delivery Programme is comprised of five elements, each of which has been identified as an area requiring immediate attention to commence delivery of the Supply Chain Strategy. In doing so, it is intended to build alignment across industry, improve cost efficiencies and grow the share of both domestic and international markets

The five elements of the Supply Chain Delivery Programme are:


  • Communicate supply chain capability and opportunities to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Encourage innovation in business models
  • Establish and promote mechanisms which reduce industry costs
  • Promote awareness of supply chain opportunities both internationally and domestically
  • Promote a compelling and prosperous supply chain and highlight attractive career paths