The OGA will:

  • Promote and influence the efficiency and therefore competitiveness of UK suppliers
  • For material projects and groups of projects be involved in key stages of the contracting process such as contracting strategy, pre-qualification and tendering, and have access to relevant information to ensure that risk is managed and value is maximised.
  • Ensure a level playing field by making sure information about upcoming procurement activity is equally and freely available.
  • Treat all commercial information that is not in the public domain, such as contract awards, as official and sensitive and apply the suitable classification.
  • Provide background and technical information on the UK supply chain to the UK Parliament Cross-Party Group on the UK Fabrication Industry as and when requested.

The OGA will not:

  • Use its regulatory powers to advocate for or benefit UK content or intervene in robust and transparent procurement processes that ensure best value for money.

When taking decisions, the OGA will consider:

  • Whether the procurement has resulted in maximisation of value of the subject project through a robust and transparent process which ensures best value for money.