Measurement of petroleum

Model clauses of the schedules in the Petroleum Act 1987 and in the Petroleum (Production) Regulations 1988 require licensees to measure petroleum using methods customarily used in good oilfield practice and from time-to-time gain Minister approval of all petroleum won and saved from the licensed area.

PON 6 sets out the procedure licensees should follow to gain the NSTA approval of their methods for petroleum measurement. The procedure must be followed for all new proposed methods of measurement for:

  • new field developments
  • proposed modifications to existing agreed measurement methods for fields already in production

The licensee must obtain a ‘non-objection’ from the department to use a method of measurement prior to its implementation. This is a statutory requirement.

The level of detail required by the department will vary from case to case, but the procedure for approval is the same for all field developments.

Full details of the PON6 procedure can be found in the Measurement Guidelines (below)

Please contact the NSTA to discuss PON 6:

Douglas Griffin
Telephone: 0300 020 1015