Influence at operational stage​

  • Actively promote operational best practices​
  • Influence industry definition of non-productive time​
  • Using Performance Improvement Workshops, reduce NPT by 15% in 2 years

KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented)

  • 3 Performance Improvement Workshops per year
  • 50% of task group recommendation adopted by industry


  • Waste Removal Review sessions focusing upon continual improvement of new well delivery, learnings from new wells, well interventions or side-tracks​
  • Maximise learnings for wider Industry sharing of best practices, common failure mechanisms or methods​
  • Equipment sharing across the UKCS to consider a common stock pool for drilling of relief wells​


Actively promote sharing of lessons learned outcomes across the UKCS



  • 3 performance improvement workshops per year (exploration, development, decommissioning)​
  • 1 white paper to be completed by summer 2021

Wells lifecycle