Influence at concept select stage

  • Actively promote Right-Scoping principles​
  • Influence well design to minimum technical scope
  • Using Scrutiny sessions, share best practices across the UKCS

KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented)

  • Achieve a “HIGH” rating on benefits of applying RS principles to well planning at Concept Select phase
  • 10% improvement on days/10,000ft against Operator’s historical performance
  • Delivery of 4 Scrutiny Sessions per year for wells in Concept Select Stage


Delivery of new and sidetracked development wells, and new exploration and appraisal wells​.


Continually improve and actively promote right-scoping guidelines, with particular focus on improving wells that are not economic.


  • Industry KPI’s will demonstrate improvements ​
  • Monthly workgroup meetings​
  • 4 wells volunteered for Right Scoping Improvement sessions​
  • Feedback results of these sessions into right scoping case studies

Right Scoping Improvement Session Case Studies

Spirit Energy Right Scoping Session

The target of this scoping session was the Grove NE concept well design which targets the Grove NE prospect and extract from a previously undeveloped part of the field. There is an appraisal element to the well objectives that requires data gathering to evaluate reservoir conditions.  The output from this session can be viewed here.

North Eigg Development Right Scoping Session

Key lesson from the scoping session carried out for the upcoming North Eigg HPHT Exploration Well can viewed here.

Well Lifecycle