Influence by collaboration​

  • Identify value from campaign based operations​
  • Take ownership of a road-map to a multi-operator campaign​
  • Share collaborative models for multi-operator campaigns

KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented)

  • 3 Multi Operator Campaigns underway by end 2021
  • Publish a White Paper business case for multi Operator campaigns by end of 2020


  • Identify barriers to success of multi-operator campaigns and propose​
  • Identify examples of where and who this works for globally​
  • Identify potential cost savings objectives


  • Quantify cost benefit of multi-operator Campaigns​
  • Identify best in class examples of success ​
  • Drive an increase in multi-operator campaigns in the UK


  • Deliver multi-operator campaign WHY whitepaper​
  • Multi-operator campaign HOW paper​
  • Road map to multi-operator campaigns

Well Lifecycle