Information and Samples and the NDR

The scope of the NDR encompasses both the information that is generated and the samples that are acquired during activities in relation to offshore exploration and production licences. The NSTA may require relevant persons to report such information or samples on a routine or ad-hoc basis by notice.

Petroleum-related information in the NDR

Information may be reported to the online NDR – a digital repository where the NSTA holds information reported by petroleum licensees and owners / operators of offshore infrastructure. Some information that is reported to the NSTA may be disclosed immediately, whereas the NSTA maintains the confidentiality of other reported information for a specified period, as set out under regulations.

Guidance on reporting and disclosure of petroleum-related information and samples is available under the heading Technology and Data – Information and Samples, here:

and here:

The NSTA intends that access to information and samples is made in the widest possible terms.

Petroleum Related samples in the NDR

Offshore petroleum licensees may acquire physical samples, usually rock or fluid samples, in the course of their operations under a licence. Licensees may be required to report a portion of such samples to the NSTA. Rock samples (cores and cuttings) are required to be routinely reported – portions of samples are to be reported to the British Geological Survey (BGS) who curate the national collection of petroleum-related samples on the behalf of the NSTA.

Those with an interest in viewing samples that are held by BGS can organise this by contacting the BGS Keyworth Core Store,