NDR User Group and Updates

The NSTA Digital Energy Platform Advisory Committee (DEPAC) has initiated the NDR User Group to encourage the user community to:

  • share user experiences of using the service;
  • highlight areas that may require enhancement, and;
  • propose future developments for the service.

The NDR enables reporting and disclosure of “petroleum related information”, and collaboration between licence groups. In addition, following the laying of the NSTA Strategy integrating net zero in MER UK, the NDR service will evolve to support and enable the wider objectives of government, industry, academia and others. The NDR User Group reports its findings and recommendations to the DEPAC

The NDR User Group Terms of Reference are available here.

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Tape to Cloud - Navigation Seismic Merge Datasets


Presentations and Recordings

March 2021 User Group Presentation

June 2021 User Group Presentation

September 2021 User Group Presentation

March 2022 User Group Presentation

March 2022 User Group Recording

May 2022 User Group Presentation

May 2022 User Group Recording



NDR Monthly Update - July 2022