Influencing decommissioning​

  • Reduce well decommissioning cost by a further 10% from 2023 to end of 2028
  • Promote cost reduction target and share key challenges and ideas to overcome
  • Promote guidance for re-use with respect to CCS

KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented)

  • Reduce well decommissioning cost by 10% from 2023 to end of 2028


  • All existing and future platform and subsea wellbores currently registered on the NSTA Wells Operations Notification System (WONS) database​
  • All existing E&A and open water suspended wellbores


  • Identify barriers, support solutions including technology to deliver efficiencies
  • Promote campaigning and collaboration
  • Ensure appropriate guidance, now and in future


  • Technology roadmap – NZTC, TLB, Norce​
  • Updated guidance for suspended wells and well decommissioning in reservoirs with future use ​
  • Supply Chain Strategy - focused on optimisation of well decommissioning activity ​
  • Environmental impact of well removal and decommissioned wellbores​

Well Lifecycle